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an analytics and visualisation platform developed by Pulse Lab Jakarta
to monitor action before/during/after tropical cyclones across the world

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CycloMon’s basic function is to collect, analyse and visualise information from weather satellites on the path of a cyclone, as well as insights from social media on the preparations and impact of the cyclone on communities.

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CycloMon features three modes: World Mode, Selected Country Mode, and Country Specific Mode. This platform can help to monitor a cyclone's trajectory and provide historical insights on disaster preparedness and impact from social media.

About Pulse Lab Jakarta

Pulse Lab Jakarta combines data science and social research to help make sense of our interconnected, interdependent, and complex world. The Lab is a joint initiative of the United Nations and the Government of Indonesia, via United Nations Global Pulse and the Ministry of National Development and Planning (Bappenas) respectively.

As the first innovation lab of its kind in Asia, Pulse Lab Jakarta is closing information gaps in the development and humanitarian sectors through the adoption of big data, real-time analytics and artificial intelligence.

In response to the needs of our partners, coupled with our own insights, we:

  • Conduct cutting-edge research on a blend of new and existing data sources
  • Generate data products and tools to identify solutions
  • Connect data innovators from across the region and scale our collective impact

Using datasets drawn from mobile communications, remote sensing, social media, among others, we have generated insights for policy and practice on topics ranging from fuel subsidies to natural disasters.

Email  :  plj@un.or.id
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